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by Nathan Walker

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Administering your OS X Server

Now that you have your server set up, you're going to need to control it. Fortunately, OS X Server can be controlled in a number of ways, both using the server or using another computer.

Using on Your Server

The first way that you can control your server is simply by using the Server app that you installed already. Simply launch Server, select "This Mac" from the list and log in with an administrator account. Now, you have access to the full array of server controls for all of the built-in services.

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Getting the most out of your Windows key

Windows 8 is finally here, but do you know the best ways to get around the system? In Microsoft’s latest operating system, the Windows Key got a lot more useful. The Windows Key shortcuts in Windows 8 are sorted below into categories below.

Charms Shortcuts

In Windows 8, one of the key navigational concepts is the Charms Bar, located on the right side of the screen with navigation shortcuts. You can quickly access Charms by pressing the following:

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