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Administering your OS X Server

Now that you have your server set up, you're going to need to control it. Fortunately, OS X Server can be controlled in a number of ways, both using the server or using another computer.

Using on Your Server

The first way that you can control your server is simply by using the Server app that you installed already. Simply launch Server, select "This Mac" from the list and log in with an administrator account. Now, you have access to the full array of server controls for all of the built-in services.

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Fix Reversed Scrolling in OS X Lion

OS X Lion introduced a new way of scrolling, but it is completely opposite of the typical type of scrolling that most people are used to. However, this can be extremely frustrating to people switching to Mac or simply upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion. Now, if you use the scrolling for a few days, you should be able to adjust to it over time. However, for people who can't adjust or often switch between their Lion Mac to a Snow Leopard/Windows/Linux machine, Apple has included a way to return the scrolling to its pre-Lion state.

Step 1: Open System Preferences

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OS X Server Feature Overview

Despite its extremely low price of $19.99, OS X Mountain Lion Server actually has a great array of features in five key categories: User and Device Management, Personal Information Services, Network File Sharing, Web Services, and Network Services.

User and Device Management

In order to manage users on your network, OS X Server has a number of built-in tools. Of course, there is a basic user manager to manage all of the accounts. You can also place your users into groups and assign privileges based on these groups. OS X Server also includes a utility called Profile Manager that allows you to configure Macs (10.7 or later) and iOS devices (iOS 4 or later) using almost any setting built into the machine (and more). For controlling older Macs, Open Directory and Workgroup Manager are also available.

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The Complete Guide to Profile Manager (Part 1)

In order to have easy, complete control over your devices and user accounts, OS X Server includes Profile Manager, a tool for managing Macs, iOS devices, and users on both platforms.

Profile Manager will work with iOS devices running iOS 3 or later (device enrollment is only supported on iOS 4.1 or later) and Macs running OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

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