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by Nathan Walker

Getting the most out of your Windows key

Windows 8 is finally here, but do you know the best ways to get around the system? In Microsoft’s latest operating system, the Windows Key got a lot more useful. The Windows Key shortcuts in Windows 8 are sorted below into categories below.

Charms Shortcuts

In Windows 8, one of the key navigational concepts is the Charms Bar, located on the right side of the screen with navigation shortcuts. You can quickly access Charms by pressing the following:

Win+C: Opens the Charms Bar.

Win+Q: Opens the Search Charm.

Win+H: Opens the Share Charm.

Win: Opens the Start Charm (Start Screen).

Win+K: Opens the Devices Charm.

Win+I: Opens the Settings Charm. This charm is important as it is the only way to access the power controls.

Search Shortcuts

Win+Q: Searches Apps.

Win+W: Searches Settings.

Win+F: Searches Files.

Launching and Controlling Apps

Win+TAB: Opens the App Switcher on the the left side of the screen.

Win+NUMBER: Launches apps from the taskbar based on their number (left to right). For example, Win+1 launches the first app; Win+2 launches the second app. Note that Win+10 will open the tenth app on the task bar.

Controlling the Desktop

Win+D: Opens the Desktop.

Win+T: Cycles through icons on the taskbar.

Win+B: Selects the system tray.

Win+R: Opens the Run dialog.

Win+M: Minimizes all windows on the Desktop.

Using OneNote (if installed)

Win+N: Launches the OneNote clipping tool.

Win+S: Starts a OneNote screen clipping.

Controlling Your System

Win+L: Locks your system.

Win+P: Setup a second screen or projector.

Win+Z: Opens the right-click menu in Windows Store apps.

Win+X: Opens a special menu with administrator shortcuts.

Universal Access Shortcuts

Win+U: Opens the Ease of Access Center.

Win+ENTER: Opens Narrator.

Win + Shift + =: Opens Magnifier.

With these shortcuts, navigation around Windows 8 should be just as easy (if not easier) as previous versions of Windows.

by Nathan Walker

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