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by Nathan Walker

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→ marchiver

A new project that I made that converts iOS message backups to HTML and JSON files. Mostly just a project I made for myself when I realized I had a lot of old messages on my phone that I wanted to keep, but I hope other people can get some use out of it too.

Feel free to make pull requests and forks.

The Complete Guide to Profile Manager (Part 1)

In order to have easy, complete control over your devices and user accounts, OS X Server includes Profile Manager, a tool for managing Macs, iOS devices, and users on both platforms.

Profile Manager will work with iOS devices running iOS 3 or later (device enrollment is only supported on iOS 4.1 or later) and Macs running OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

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→ iOS 9.3 Preview Released

Today, Apple released a preview of the latest update to iOS. After reaching version 8.4 with the last version, it seems like Apple is trending toward more incremental updates than in the past. It is nice to see them moving in this direction, unlike in some older releases where essentially only bugfixes were released between major versions.

Some interesting new features in this version, including a night mode that is similar to flux and multi-user mode for education. The education-specific features for iPad seem to signal to me that there will be a new iPad Air released alongside this update in the spring, as rumors have been suggested. Apple will want to market this new education features with a new iPad, and the iPad Pro is simply too expensive (and possibly too large) for education markets.

The Web is Dying. We Need to Save It.

In iOS 9, Apple introduced the ability for developers to create content blocking extensions for Safari, which have a large number of theoretical uses. However, the primary use for this type of extension seems to be to create blockers for ads and tracking scripts.

In case you haven't heard, there has been a bit of controversy over these types of applications. Most notably, well-known iOS developer Marco Arment (of Overcast, formerly Instapaper), created a content blocker named Peace, which he pulled from the App Store shortly after release, citing a guilty conscience as the reason.

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